(Un)Bound Book Arts Workshop

(Un)Bound Book Arts Workshop
series instructed by Robert Eric Shoemaker,

Artistic Director of Poetry Is

“Wonderful and inspiring class. Teachers and BLDG 61 staff very helpful and knowledgeable.”

“BLDG 61 is a hub of creativity, and I always come away with new ideas. Excellent resource for inspiring local artists!”

“Meeting such talented people— inspirational!”

“This class provided wonderful inspiration and access to BLDG 61 machines, tools and staff expertise to experiment and create a complex design that I would not have attempted on my own. Eric led a very exciting and fun workshop!”

“I work in a fairly stuffy field with a desk job and I am surprised how much the unbound book arts class has re-awakened my long dormant creative self. This sounds like an exaggeration but literally I feel like my brain has been re-wired and in the time between the three classes I’ve had a new perspective on almost every aspect of my life. What a much-needed mental break! I just want to keep creating more and more.  Eric and Janet’s (sp) open and encouraging personalities set the mood for creativity while providing discreet constructive feedback when needed. The library maker space and staff stated their excitement at the use of all tools available, creating an approachable environment with boundless options! I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon it and am very grateful for Eric creating the opportunity. “

Poetry Is begins a new series of writing workshops at the Boulder Public Library with “(Un)Bound: Book Arts Workshop”. Workshops take place at BLDG 61 in the Library on Sunday April 23rd, 30th, and May 14th beginning at 1 pm.

Taking inspiration from the Smithsonian Exhibition on artist’s books, “(Un)Bound” explores the fundamentals of text + texture beginning from the ground up. Instructors will lead a three-part series culminating in each participant’s production of a book of their own design and writing. We begin with an idea or a text; workshop it into a reproducible artistic work; and craft a three-dimensional object using techniques of bookbinding and chapbook design. “(Un)Bound: Book Arts Workshop” is for beginners and aficionados and will give participants the knowledge to craft their own work in new ways for years to come.

“(Un)Bound: Book Arts Workshop”
At BLDG 61 of the Boulder Public Library, co-produced by Poetry Is Productions.

Participants will attend three sessions and be provided with basic bookmaking materials including interior and cover paper, waxed thread, and tools. All are welcome to bring in their own materials for construction, such as special cover paper, string, yarn, glue, or other binding materials. Printing may be required outside of the sessions; if participants are in need of assistance with printing or other work, they are encouraged to communicate with the instructor(s) during or outside of the sessions.

Week 1: Workshop
April 23rd from 1-3 pm

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, we begin this workshop series with a text and ideas roundtable discussion. We will talk through each participant’s text or idea, focusing on how to turn it into a book object. The latter half of this workshop will bring in tools and materials for book production, as well as design concepts and a walk-through of the tools available at BLDG 61.

Week 2: Bookbinding & Design
April 30th from 1-3 pm

This session of the series hones in on design and implementation of bookbinding strategies. Participants will bring in whatever materials they need outside of the provisions from BLDG 61 and will begin creating their final piece. Assistance will be available and techniques will be instructed, including varieties of stitches for binding.

Week 3: Chapbook Production
May 14th from 1-4 pm

Our final session will be work-time for the finalization of projects realized in the last two sessions. Participants will showcase their work and will end with at least one copy.

Workshop series is open to ages 14 and up; up to 15 participants.
Participants are asked to bring in an idea or a text for the first workshop that they would like to craft a book out of.
NOTE: Working outside of sessions will be expected from most participants, depending on their project’s scope.
To sign up, please visit http://calendar.boulderlibrary.org/event/3217354



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