Poetry Is Productions brings poetry into all that we do, be it theatre, film, dance, publishing, or a new project.

With our name borrowed from a poet’s manifesto, our goal is to create art with a broadened sense of the definition of what “Poetry Is.”

(For You. For Me. For All.)

Founding Artistic Director

Dr. Robert Eric Shoemaker is a poet and interdisciplinary artist. Eric holds a Ph.D. in Humanities from the University of Louisville and an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University. Eric’s work focuses on magical poetics, queer theory and poetry, public history, translation, and gender and sexuality.

Eric has published three books of hybrid poetry, memoir, and playwriting: Ca’Venezia (2021, Partial Press), We Knew No Mortality (2018, Acta Publications), and 30 Days Dry (2015, Thought Collection Publishing). Eric has published scholarly work in Signs and Society, Jacket2, Entropy, and Gender Forum; translations in Asymptote; Exchanges; The Adirondack Review; and Columbia Journal; stage plays in Plath Profiles; poetry in Analogies & Allegories; Tiny Spoon; Bombay Gin; The Gordian Review; Barely South Review; Verde Qué Te Quiero Verde; Kairos; and other journals;

Eric is the Digital Archive Editor at the Poetry Foundation, the Poetry Editor for the interdisciplinary journal Plath Profiles, and serves as a member of the Sarabande Books Young Professionals Board. Follow him at reshoemaker.com.

Find Eric on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @Robert.E.Shoe

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