“medea conjures dragons” workshop and showcase

Poetry Is Productions presents
“medea conjures dragons”

workshop and showcase
March 25th, 5-11 pm
written and directed by Robert Eric Shoemaker

Location: Boulder Writers Warehouse, 2500 47th Street Boulder, CO 80301

As Poetry Is transitions to the new territory of Boulder, Colorado, Artistic Director Robert Eric Shoemaker has crafted a new telling of the Medea myth that recalls current events and social issues. “medea conjures dragons” is a new musical invoking questions of immigration, human rights, family interaction, and community beliefs.

This original telling of the classic myth explores pivotal and timely questions including:

  • What situations create isolation and other-ness?
  • How does an immigrant assimilate or keep their heritage alive? What is the balance between assimilation and diversity?
  • How do communities allow fear of the unknown to take control and power?

The workshop provides a platform for the piece to get to its feet, culminating in a showcase alongside the community’s performance and theatre artists. Artist participants will collaborate in a 2-hour developmental rehearsal involving movement, vocals, and text.

Patrons of the showcase will be given a rather singular gift: to be a part of the emergence of an original performance piece. This audience will have the chance to see a new piece in development and will be invited back for the final production this fall to see what this “medea” becomes.

Performers interested in taking part in the workshop may send their information via email to robertericshoemaker@gmail.com.

The showcase begins at 8:30 pm on the 25th. Tickets available at https://poetryis.ticketleap.com/medeaworkshop/

Produced by Poetry Is Productions in collaboration with the Naropa New Works Cabaret with special promotional support from Wild Imaginarium.



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