“We Are Kentucky”: Poetry Is @ Shelby Park with the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra, May 15

Shelby Park

sponsored by the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra
May 15, 2022 @ 2-5p

Poetry Is: A Sound Experience


Caroll “Teaberry” Grossman
Ashley Taylor
Martha Greenwald
Selene Phillips
Lana Helm
Robert Eric Shoemaker

Aubrielle Whitis
Abi Elliott
Sheila Zeng
Katie Dougherty
Maddie Dougherty

Emily Ravenscraft
& the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra

“Poetry Is: A Spectrum”

Though we live in Louisville, Kentucky and are surrounded by creativity and the arts, we all sometimes feel disconnected and isolated from those in our community and others we might share kinship with. As a community, Poetry Is: A Sound Experience imagines a Louisville, a Kentucky, and a greater country that finds love and connection through artistic expression, and we actively create and advocate for those connections through our interdisciplinary, collaborative work emphasizing joy and community.

For this piece, titled “Poetry Is: A Spectrum” and representing the conclusion of one era for the Poetry Is collective, the interdisciplinary artists of Poetry Is will perform a new collaborative piece incorporating spoken and performed poetry with improvisational dance and sound. We took the colors of the spectrum as inspiration and a model for our inter-arts collective experience. We contain multitudes and invite you to join us in celebrating the joy of community!

“Poetry Is – A Sound Experience” is a local performance collective uniting poets and musicians to create unique poetry “reading” experiences with improvisational music. Sometimes entirely unrehearsed, these music and poetry moments are unpredictable and joyful community-building sound-bites that transform the atmosphere of the poetry reading into a dynamic space.

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