Performance Workshop with Tiny Spoon Literary Magazine





Tiny Spoon is partnering with Poetry Is: A Sound Experience to bring you a vivid, experimental exploration into how the art and elements of performance can enhance your writing and creative practice.

At a time like this, when our social interactions are limited, often from behind a screen, how does performance allow us to connect?

Together, we will focus on the many connections of poetry and performance with writers who crave to break down sound and language barriers in search of new dimensions. In this workshop we will be questioning the meaning and intention of the poetic gesture, working in the breath of performative icons and artists, and practicing our very own gestures of sound, syntax, material relations,  and literary gumbo. Please join us, all writers welcome. No previous performance experience necessary.

Inspirations: CA Conrad, Anne Waldman, Hannah Wilke, Phillip B. Williams, Mariko Nagai, Cecilia Vicuña, Charles Olson, and more!


Stephanie Michele of Tiny Spoon

Robert Eric Shoemaker of Poetry Is: A Sound Experience


The workshop will take place virtually via Zoom. Upon registration, you will be sent the link closer to the event.

May 1 & 2, 2021, 11 AM – 1 PM MT both days.


To bring poetry to the people, we are offering our workshops on a donation basis.

For our team’s time and effort, we recommend a $25 donation.

That said, please feel welcome to pay any amount that you can!

All funds will be split between the two organizations. Tiny Spoon will use funds to support the printing and running of our magazine.

Please select the donate button to donate and register.

Donate to Register


If you are not able to donate a monetary amount, you are welcome! Please email us directly at to register.

Supported by Collective Aporia.


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