Poetry Is – A Sound Experience at Surface Noise

Poetry Is
embarks on a new
music + poetry performance series:

Presented at Surface Noise Records by Poetry Is Productions,
with support from Sarabande Books

Featuring Poets
Danika Isdahl
Sam Hall
Jim Warner

and Musicians
A Girl Named Earl
Jerika Jones

Hosted by Robert Eric Shoemaker

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Poetry Is – A Sound Experience” is a local performance collective uniting poets and musicians to create unique poetry “reading” experiences with improvisational music. Sometimes entirely unrehearsed, these music and poetry moments are unpredictable and joyful community-building sound-bites that transform the atmosphere of the poetry reading into a dynamic space.

This experience was conceived with the help of Sarabande Books and the Sarabande Young Professionals Board.

Future performances include:
October, Portland Museum
November, Writer’s Block Festival with Louisville Literary Arts
November, Frazier Museum in downtown Louisville.

Poetry Is Productions brings poetry into all that we do. With our name borrowed from a poet’s manifesto, our goal is to create art with a broadened sense of the definition of what “Poetry Is.”

(For You. For Me. For All.)


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