BERNARDA ALBA and HER HOUSE, from Lorca’s masterpiece


Poetry Is in association with Redtwist Theatre presents
The world premiere of

Bernarda Alba and Her House
Translated and Adapted from Lorca’s Masterpiece
by Robert Eric Shoemaker

Directed by Robert Eric Shoemaker, Artistic Director of Poetry Is

Recommended by CHICAGO CRITIC

Highly Recommended by WINDY CITY TIMES

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BERNARDA ALBA AND HER HOUSE tells about the secrets we keep from those closest to us- and about those closest to us. Bernadette Talbot-White, matriarch of her household in the depths of Louisiana, is losing her domineering grip on her daughters. The eldest, Augustina, recently inherited a fortune and has become a target; Marguerite is the only one mourning her father; Millie just doesn’t know what to think; Martha is a well of venom, jealous of everyone; and Adelaide wants things covered up, the way they used to be. When a single man comes into the midst of these women, even fireworks won’t stop the coming tide- that has to come!

Federico García Lorca’s final and most poignant play is translated anew by Robert Eric Shoemaker, a Lorca aficionado whose undergraduate thesis spawned this translation. Shoemaker continues his work on Lorca texts through the project funding this production of BERNARDA ALBA- “Lorca in America”, a DCASE Individual Artist Program Grant Recipient. This project promotes the translation and translocation of Lorca’s work to American latitudes; in BERNARDA ALBA, the bayous of Louisiana.

Integrating movement and music, BERNARDA ALBA AND HER HOUSE interprets the work of Lorca as poetical and unique, with elements of Surrealism, Naturalism, and Flamenco weaving together. Shoemaker’s unique staging in Louisiana recreates the localism of Lorca’s work in the environs of America, closer to the audience- just as the actors are closer, close enough to grab on and never let go.

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